Luckily I have always felt welcome at our LQS. We only have one within an hours drive from my home, so I guess I am really lucky. The owner of the shop, and her employee are always very friendly, willing to help you with matching colors. They even have a huge table, where they will carry bolts of fabric from the other rooms and arrange them on the table for you so you can see how your colors will look from different distances. I never realized that colors look completly different from say 20ft away than they do closer or farther away. They are also willing to express order any suppies that they don't have in stock, at no extra charge to the customer.

I am so sorry that your experience was awful...I wouldn't go back there, even if it meant shopping online(where you don't get to touch before you buy..sob sob.) or driving farther to get what you want.

You could report them to the BBB so anyone that happens to be looking for a quilt shop in the area could see that their customer service is horrendous.