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Thread: vintage mashines..I want one so bad!

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    Senior Member 4dogs's Avatar
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    Dec 2009
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    Hi all..... I have a zillion questions about vintage machines and I know some of you have all the answers... I have been searching on ebay for one of the older ones with the pretty decals/ flowers especially....some of the ads says "works great" and others say " dont know if it is working or not" and etc..... is it terribly expensive to have work done on an "old " one? can most regular shops work on them? is it hard to find parts? (things like power cords, bobbins,etc)....is there anything I really especially need to know, before bidding on/buying one of these beauties? I really want one with the pretty flowers, or the gold, or something .... know what I mean? Any advice you other sewing ladies can give me, would really be appreciated.

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    Super Member Candace's Avatar
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    Jan 2010
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    If you go to the Vintage Machine section and read through the posted thread 1500 pages now!!! You'll get quite an education. And it's free. :> I love my vintage machines and have learned a lot here.

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    Super Member tammy cosper's Avatar
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    Jan 2011
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    also lostn51 who is also Billy has post on the vintage pages of how to restore them yourself.

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    Super Member fabric_fancy's Avatar
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    Jan 2010
    at my sewing machine
    most sewing machine repair places can work on a vintage sewing machine but most of them will not work on the beauty aspect of the machine. just the typical tuneup/repair type work.

    i've found its cheaper to have a second machine that you strip for parts then it is to buy parts - most places charge high dollar for vintage prices but you can pick up inexpensive machines on craiglists that aren't pretty and therefore cheap and you just take the parts off it as needed.

    i actually picked up 2 machines for free that i use for spare parts.

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    Super Member katier825's Avatar
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    Have you checked locally? I have a great shop 25 minutes away that has some older machines and excellent service. He loves working on the older machines. I paid under $100 to repair the electrical and tune up a Singer 201 that was given to me. I also bought my Featherweight there. I paid more than I would have on ebay, but it was in excellent condition, I didn't have to do anything to it and he included free tune up the 1st time I bring it in. Plus I got to test drive it before I bought it and had no worries about the condition it would arrive in when shipped if I bought it online.

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    Also look at shopgoodwill.com bought vintage machine for $75.00!

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    Super Member bjchad's Avatar
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    Nov 2010
    Southern New Jersey USA
    If you are talking about a treadle they are mostly simple enough you can do the work yourself if you have any shred of mechanical ability. There are plenty of resources both here and on the web concerning treadle machine repair and maintenance to help you out.

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    Super Member deedum's Avatar
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    Jun 2009
    Agree check out goodwill,craigslist or garage sales. Put an ad in there to! You might be surprised! I bought a fabulous singer off craigslist for $50. I use it all the time and love.

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    Feb 2011
    Hooker, Oklahoma
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    I bought a Singer 500A (I think) at an auction recently. I had to put it in the shop, wasn't working. It is costing me $75 but I figure it's worth that price. The repairman has already told me that it's a very good machine, all metal.

    Forgot to mention that I paid $27.50 for the machine at the auction and didn't know if it worked or not.

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    Super Member hobbykat1955's Avatar
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    Nov 2010
    OK..I got the same bug...here's my advise after buying 4 vintage machines in 4 wks...One at a school tag sale 1951 301 Singer for 30.00 took it for repair and cost 218...well worth it because it's a great machine.
    second- on ebay vintage singer "Redeye" because it was pretty like you are stating...great graphics mint etc...for 54.00...it was in great working condition and just had to find bobbins for it which I was told took classic 66 found at Joann's. Does only a straight stitch since it's a 1910. But a nice straight stitch
    third-a 1952 Elna Grasshopper on Esty for 85.00...just was cute but ended up having no use for it and reselling it on ebay for more then I pd.
    Fourth-found a 1954 301A Singer on Craig's list in cabinet in mint condition...Love that machine...wouldn't give it up for anything.

    What you need to remember is the older Singers just need a good greasing and oil once in awhile...you can mantain on your own...
    Make sure if it's an older Singer that it has a "bobbin case"...my 301 from the tag sale did not and it cost me 69.00 for one...It also did not have the original wires and foot peddle which cost another 89.00...The oil and grease was cheap.
    The two 301's drop ther feed dogs so you can do Free Motion.
    You might want to consider that...the 1910 Singer does not.

    If you want to do various stitches most of the older machines do not do this unless you find vintage feet for them which you might find on ebay.

    So main pt is do you want to use the machine or just look at the machine. Pretty is nice but they gather dust...i.e. my 1910 though once in a blue moom I try to give her attention and stitch (piece) with her.

    But the 301's get used all the time...no decals or pretty flowers but boy do they purrrr and make great stitches...I have the extra feet for them..i.e. zigzagger, buttonholder etc...

    I like their look because it reminds me of art decor...the lines...So hope this helps in your thinking and buying.

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