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Thread: What to charge???

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    another thought -
    does she want this for herself or to give someone else as a gift?

    if it's for herself, by all means, it should come back to you eventually, whatever you agree to now.

    when my mother died, my sister and i each got the gifts we had given her.
    there were also things she 'ordered' from each of us, and those also came back. they were either given or made with love, and she would have wanted us to have them back. in my case, those things have been shared by my own children who loved her, and now have keepsakes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sharon b
    Its a beatiful quilt . I would have a hard time charging grandma anything . Maybe "borrow" it to her with the undertanding that later it be returned to you . And then you would have great memories and a wonderful memento for your husband from his Grandma. Something he would always be able remember Grandma by. That is priceless. Just my 2 cents
    I love this idea. You could even make a nice label stating such information.

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    If she would just like one of your quilts. I would give it as a gift, unless she is wanting it to give to someone else. But everyone is different. I have never charged a family member especially if I know they will cherish it.

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    You have lots of good advice here to think about, the only thing I would say that I think bears repeating is - the cost of materials is nothing compared to the time your hand quilting will require. Unless you are a lot speedier than I am, I'm sure you are, it's going to take you a year or so to do just the quilting. Depending of course how detailed you get with your quilting. To me that is where the pricelessness comes to play.

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    I saw the same pattern done in Amish Country yesterday. They had $1200 on it.

    I really have no idea how to price anything.


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    Quote Originally Posted by bearisgray
    I think it's okay to charge Grandma - especially if she offered to pay first - but I do think you need to talk to her about how much stuff costs now - I know I said this before - because she might be still thinking fabric costs $1.00 a yard - - - I don't know either of you, so - - -

    I think a lot depends on the financial circumstances of you and Grandma.
    If Grandma is quite well off, and you are hurting, this may be her way of getting something she would like for herself and helping you out, too.
    My mother is 88 years old. About 2 years ago I took her to the fabric store with me and she about had a tizzy fit...she thought fabric was still about 3 or 4 yards for $1.00! Grandma needs to know the real, NOW cost of the materials and a discussion needs to happen about whether she really wants to spend that much on the quilt. She may think a fair price is $50!

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