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Thread: Why do you read The Quilting Board?

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    Super Member jcrow's Avatar
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    Jan 2011
    Small town in Northeast Oregon close to Washington and Idaho
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    Why do you read The Quilting Board?

    I met a lady who has quilted for 30 years and is in her 70s. I asked her if she ever goes to the quilting board. She said she uses her IPad to play games. I told her to go to thequiltingboard.com and sign up and that she would love it. I explained how many quilters are on the site and what we talk about and the questions we ask and she said it sounded great for beginners.

    I've been quilting since 1992 and I have learned more from this board than from anywhere else. I don't feel this place is for beginners only. I think it is to learn, to have friendships, to chit chat, to find out about new products, etc.

    Why do you come to this board every day?
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    Oct 2010
    Bardstown, Kentucky
    I too, love this board and have recommended it to many many friends. I've learned many new things from the suggestions of other board members, love the tutorials, and the inspiration and encouragement of others. I've made lots of friends here from all over the world. I love the links and pictures and suggestions of everyone. The moderators do a fantastic job. Also I have found that quilters are the most loving generous and most trusting people on earth.

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    Super Member annesthreads's Avatar
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    Mar 2011
    South Yorkshire UK
    I don't spend a huge amount of time on the board - am very grateful for being able to put my cursor on a message title to see if it's going to be of interest, which speeds things up a bit! I love it for the vast amount of expertise that members share so generously, the inspiration from all the quilt photos that are posted, and the fact that it's a real community of people from very different places and circumstances, brought together by their common interest.

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    Super Member Gannyrosie's Avatar
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    Feb 2012
    New Orleans, La
    I come for knowledge, and togetherness. Amazing how people from all over the world can come to one place and encourage, help, cry, laugh and get things done. It's a tool for ideas for me, a place I know I can go to , ask a question whether simple ( or if I feel stupid) and get genuine help. We are all "paying it forward" and I love that. Thanks for having this board.

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    Feb 2013
    I found this quilting board online when I was trying to find a place to connect and learn from more experienced quilters. Im a homemaker and to keep myself busy I enjoy quilting. I don't know much, so far I just make rag quilts. But I am learning a lot here. From where to find certain fabrics, what sewing machines are good quality, terms that quilters often use, and so much more. I also find inspiration in seeing quilts made by others here on the board. And I have suggested this board to my mother as her and I like to get together and quilt I look forward to becoming one of the "regulars" here and building some new friendships. Everyone here has been more than kind and always very helpful.

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    Senior Member Joy Higdon's Avatar
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    Groveland, Fl
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    I come to this board for encouragement, inspiration and the vast amount of knowledge that is so willingly shared. I have learned sooo much from here. No matter what kind of help you need, there are so many willing to guide you step by step. If I need a pattern or anything I can not find Isimply post on the board and it is not long before someone sends a link to the source. You can not get this from a book. Priceless

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    Senior Member fien777's Avatar
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    Oct 2011
    brunssum, the netherlands
    I come because it's a cosy place with lots of people who are willing to help and share.
    You can't learn enough I think...there are always new techniques and tips.
    people show their work which gives inspiration and often something to think about....like using colours you've never used before.
    And I love seeing how people in other countries live and are doing their things...and sometimes laugh about some-one in the middle of nowhere in america having exactly the same ironingboard ( as an example) from Ikea as me.
    greetz, fien

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    Super Member orangeroom's Avatar
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    Aug 2011
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    I visit the QB to look at the pictures. I print off the ones I like and have reproduced a few. I love the camaraderie. Some local gals even invited me to join their monthly get together. I absolutely LOVE this site and recommend it to new grandmothers I meet at work!
    Go forth and sew!

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    Nov 2011
    Victoria, Australia
    I live 6 miles from my nearest neighbor. I come here for friendship, companionship, knowledge and a laugh. I hope I make new members welcome with a cheerie hello. This is a like minded family and who ever has enough of those?

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    Dec 2011
    South East, PA
    I come here several times a day, to learn how to improve my quilting, to share in the joys (and trials sometimes) of quilting (and often, that very thing has happened to me in the past, so there in "comfort" in knowing I am not alone) I love the tutorials, and have tried several tips and suggestions that have been posted.

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