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Thread: You want how much? Craigslist edition

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    Quote Originally Posted by JJs
    there ain't no way I'd sell ALL my quilting stuff to bail out a stupid kid... probably one of those brat-assed kids who think they know everything - got hooked up with some pimp who ran her life and she let him and wouldn't listen to mom for one minute....
    you wouldn't believe the girls down here who get hooked up (literally) with meth heads and the next thing you know, you see them getting arrested along with the 'boy'friend and a few other unsavory characters and the baby and toddler are taken away because they were in the same room as the meth lab...
    and they are all scratching away at their 'methmites'... and look 100 years old...
    OTOH that woman probably raised the brat in the first place accustomed to gimme gimme gimme and I want it so you better give it to me - which is why she's winding up ponying up for this latest whatever-it-is.....
    Wow, all that from a Craigslist posting? I am guessing that the woman may have started quilting and spent like crazy and then lost interest. Lots of folks start a hobby and spend big and then never do it again. And I was just guessing that maybe the daughter was getting a divorce, it mentioned helping with a car which can sometimes go with getting a divorce.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Charlee
    We can speculate until the cows come home...but the long and short of it is that the lady feels that she needs to sell the stuff...and it does look like she's got at least $500 into it...I wish her luck! (My vote is for a single mom who is trying to both work and go to school, car broke down and mom's trying to help in anyway she can.)
    I agree! I just took a look at all the other replies to this thread and I'm mind boggled! Where did all this venom come from? For gosh sakes! All the poor soul did was place an ad on Craig's List, which is free. She must be in an awful bind to be willing to sell all of her stash of quilting stuff like that. If this is not a fake, and I somehow feel it's not, she's only doing what any loving mom would do if she had no available funds to help her daughter. She's willing to sell what is worth a lot to her. Even if it should not be worth 500.00 , SHE thinks it is, obviously. And maybe her DD doesn't even know she's doing this. I sure hope the poor lady doesn't belong to this forum. How would we explain ourselves if she happened to read all this?

    :( :oops:

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    WOW. even if I had $2000. I think I could get more than that, unless I bought a sewing machine. God bless. Penny

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    The add says make an offer.

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    I hope the daughter can indeed get out of a bad situation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by myrna
    Has anyone read Snopes.com suggestions for what constitutes a SCAM? I think this fits! It just does not sound practical. If you had this stuff and shelves, etc. how would you cope with getting it to my house?
    She does not mention that shelves or storage units are included.

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    Maryse...you just gave me a fright when i saw your new avatar!
    Then i adjusted to it, hehehe.
    Back to this subject...looks like it worth at lease $350 if you had
    that kind of cash upfront. It does have a few good many items altogether., when you read what all she has.

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