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Thread: Craft/Sewing Room Update #10 - Ta-Dah!

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    Senior Member Canada Kate's Avatar
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    Oct 2011
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    Craft/Sewing Room Update #10 - Ta-Dah!

    Update # 10 in the saga of my sewing room.
    These posts are photo heavy.

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    It's finally all done. The contractor finished a week ago today. I would have posted the final result earlier, but several "life" things got in the way (a migraine that lasted for days, I got a new computer and had to set it up, my daughter is home from university for spring break...you know, life. )

    Name:  Basement March 5_2012 001.JPG
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Size:  854.9 KB

    This is my family room. It was already finished by the builder when I moved in. The door is leading to the new room. I'm standing on the stairs taking this picture.

    Name:  Basement March 5_2012 008.JPG
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Size:  821.4 KB

    Family room, showing the window opening to the new room. The door that you can see through the window leads to the laundry room.

    Name:  Basement March 5_2012 007.JPG
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Size:  816.1 KB

    Sewing room, looking out into the family room through the window. I'm stranding in the doorway to the laundry room while taking this photo.

    Name:  Basement March 5_2012 009.JPG
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Size:  871.2 KB

    Looking in from the family room. The doors are, left to right, laundry room, corner closet and the full-sized closet. The white shelving between the two closets holds most of my scrapbooking paper pads. The wall that the ironing board is leaning against will be my design wall. I just have to get a curtain rod to hang on the top of that wall. I have curtain rings that have the clips on them, so that I will be able to push the flannel design wall to the left and behind the door when not in use. I'd like to hang some art on that wall.

    Name:  Basement March 5_2012 010.JPG
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    My new (used - found on Kijiji for $350) Horn of America sewing table. New ones cost $1,400.

    Name:  Basement March 5_2012 011.JPG
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Size:  816.1 KB

    Right hand side counter top and cupboards.

    Name:  Basement March 5_2012 017.JPG
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Size:  763.3 KB

    Right hand side top cupboard doors open. I still have lots of space to fill up!

    Name:  Basement March 5_2012 013.JPG
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Size:  809.2 KB

    Middle of desk. I am going to get a higher bar-stool style chair to use here, as my office chair does not go up high enough to make it comfortable to work on scrapbooking. I usually stand here to cut fabric. The office chair is fine with the sewing table.

    1951 Singer 301A - "Jean"
    1958 Singer Featherweight - "Verna"
    2009 Janome 4100QDC - Nameless

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    Senior Member Canada Kate's Avatar
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    Oct 2011
    Ottawa, Ontario

    Part Two Craft/Sewing Room Update #10 - Ta-Dah!

    Name:  Basement March 5_2012 018.JPG
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    Top cupboard on the right hand side of the desk, open. I need way more thread storage thingies.

    Name:  Basement March 5_2012 012.JPG
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Size:  800.6 KB
    Right hand side of the desk. The big closet is to the left here.

    Name:  Basement March 5_2012 019.JPG
Views: 4471
Size:  692.7 KB
    Far left hand side, inside of the lower cabinet.

    Name:  Basement March 5_2012 002.JPG
Views: 4888
Size:  747.9 KB

    Inside of the large closet.

    Name:  Basement March 5_2012 015.JPG
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Size:  715.8 KB

    Inside the far left of the large closet, I have two hanging rods for off-season coats.

    Name:  Basement March 5_2012 003.JPG
Views: 4647
Size:  749.5 KB

    The corner closet.

    Name:  Basement March 5_2012 004.JPG
Views: 4465
Size:  817.1 KB

    The washer and dryer were moved over to the left of the laundry tub. This was because the location of the new wall would have made getting things in and out a bit of a challenge. Moving them over created more space in front of them to load and unload.

    Name:  Basement March 5_2012 005.JPG
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Size:  831.9 KB

    Looking at the furnace. The space on the right where there are now shelves is where the washer and dryer used to be. The door to the new room is on the left.

    Name:  Basement March 5_2012 006.JPG
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Size:  875.1 KB

    Looking at my laundry/storage from the other direction, it looks awful! Ignore the dirty laundry on the floor. I really need to organize this space better, but that will have to wait for later on this spring. If you look at my before pictures of this area in posts 1 and 2, sadly, it really doesn't look much different. Underneath all that there is a White treadle machine that I still do not have room for. I bought it at a yard sale when I was 22, long before I ever started quilting, and I don't know if it even works. Maybe someday I will have the space to find out.

    So that's it! That's the conclusion of my sewing room reno. Thanks to everyone who followed along and posted comments. It was fun showing you all the progress as things progressed.

    Attached Images Attached Images
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    1951 Singer 301A - "Jean"
    1958 Singer Featherweight - "Verna"
    2009 Janome 4100QDC - Nameless

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    Senior Member omaluvs2quilt's Avatar
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    Nov 2011
    Las Vegas, NV
    Looks beautiful! My husband is painting mine as we speak and we're adding new white base cupboards too. Love the clean look! Enjoy your new sanctuary : )

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    Senior Member Pat-w's Avatar
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    Dec 2010
    Webster, NY
    Wow......What a great space. And sew organized......I'm very jealous. Enjoy your new space!

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    Senior Member ksdot417's Avatar
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    Oct 2011
    Wonderful space. You have it fixed up so nice. Enjoy it.

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    Senior Member FranW's Avatar
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    Sep 2007
    Beautiful space! Enjoy
    Have a happy day,


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    Jan 2011
    Looks so wonderful! I like the white cabinetry as it makes the space so inviting for sewing. Thanks for sharing your journey. Enjoy!!!!

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    Senior Member SittingPretty's Avatar
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    Apr 2010
    East Central Wisconsin
    Beautiful space, so clean and fresh!

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    Jul 2011
    Congratulations! I'm so happy for you and it looks absolutely wonderful.

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    Senior Member tebill's Avatar
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    Jan 2010
    Calgary, Alberta
    Congratulations! You are going to enjoy your new area! It feels good to get organized!!

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