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Thread: Should I wait or not??

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    Super Member fleurdelisquilts.com's Avatar
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    Jun 2010
    Evergreen LA
    It has never taken me three weeks....more like three days. My motto: never get rid of anything. I promise you I'll end up regretting it every time. Can you store some things under the cutting table? How about putting some of the things in a different room of the house and disguise it? Are there non-quilting items you can get rid of?

    Quote Originally Posted by MattieMae View Post
    I would do #1... just forget all the stuff and sew. It seems like when I get rid of something, I need it 3 weeks later...

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    Super Member rushdoggie's Avatar
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    Feb 2011
    Vancouver, WA
    Hahaha, and my motto is: thin it, you won't miss 99% of what you get rid of, and what you do you can replace or find something else to do the job.

    I live in 900 square feet with a large husband and 3 dogs, I can't afford to keep a lot.

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    Super Member SuzyQ's Avatar
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    Jul 2008
    I would do whatever I was in the mood to do. I would definitely not throw anything out but if you're in the mood to tidy up then go for it just put it in boxes or bins labeled. I find that if I'm in the mood to clean (LOL doesn't happen very often) then that's what I'd better do because if I try to sew, then I screw something up.


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    Feb 2011
    Sew, Sew, Sew Maybe what you do need is to take up your backyard and build a very large room just for your habit. Now you have a place of your own and not take all of your home. Daughter might want to come home for a visit and don't want to have to sleep in your mess of crafts. You do need to keep a guest bedroom and not be so horde. Just my own opinion, whatever you decide its your house lol
    Gods Blessings
    Happy Quilting

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    Super Member Annaquilts's Avatar
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    Jul 2010
    Do not get rid of it but store untill your DD moves out. the large ironning board sounds to good to store. I use mine all the time but I cut and sew on th same table. Can you store your cutting table and make due with cutting on your sewing table? Ideally you'd just ignore it and sew but I know I could not do that as I get claustorphobic when there is too much going on.
    Anna Quilts

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    Senior Member RUSewing's Avatar
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    Jan 2011
    In the middle of an Oklahoma wheat field
    Quote Originally Posted by chips88 View Post
    i would keep it. forget get about stuff and sew...
    100% agree! Don't worry about it; just store it somewhere (closet, under beds, garage ?). You'll need it later; I know as I once upon a time got rid of all my sewing stuff and was so sorry about it later!!!!
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    Normal, IL
    Sew,sew,sew. I know what you mean about waiting for your DD to move out. My GDs moved to CO and I moved my cutting table and lots of boxes and all the stuff stored under the cutting table into the room we used for them when they spent the night ( which was lots). Now I have plenty of walk around room with just my sewing table, big board , small computer desk and corner TV in the room.

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    Senior Member madamepurl's Avatar
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    Nov 2010
    IL, USA
    Me too... I'm in a 10x10 space, sewing, cutting, and I actually made an ironing table, which I like and has storage underneath. The other 10 x 10 room is set up with my spinning wheels, wool and yarn. I have to move the loom to the basement b/c I'm getting a Sunshine in a table and have to put it someplace. I'm beginning to wonder with two hobbies of extensive stuff if I need to start unloading some of it.
    - Rose

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    Norfolk, VA
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    I have a small room as well. I would never consider getting rid of my cutting table, I do fold one of the two sides down now since I put a fold out over the door ironning board by it. I don't keep a large ironnig board up because I don't need a large one as much. I will go to the kitchen island to iron if I need a larger space or I have a piece of thin cabinet board covered with batting and muslin and hung on the wall by wire. I can use it as an extra design wall or take it down and put it on the cutting table and iron on it when I need the larger space. I use under the cutting table for storage as well. I have one wall with a bookcase that I went to Home depot and got more shelves cut and then the pegs to put them in so that I now have more shelves on it and can separate fabrics more. Also on that wall I have the cube bookcases with 9 cubes to each and most have a canvas cube in it that holds different things. I have 4 of them; two on the bottom and two stacked on top. This gives lots of storage. I have my sewing machine desk in the middle of the room to one side and a chair on each side, for each machine. I just recently switched this to my sewing room since it's just a little bigger than the prior room was. I have box of fabric that I haven't had a chance since it was given to me to go thru it; it's in the hall closet. I wouldn't get rid of anything, if need be store in totes in another closet or space. Since I moved my room around and put the fabric, most of it anyways, on the shelves I now see stuff I'd had for yrs and forgot about it in totes. I even found about 10 spools of embroidery thread I bought last yr at the show. I find now I want to sew more since I'm kind of organized but all the way there yet. I like the fabric that now if I need a fabric I can look on the shelf for that color family and its easier to find what I need. I do have all of my Christmas fabric in one of those zippered bags you get with you bed comforter sets and all of my other holiday fabric is in another. They are on top of the shelves since I don't use them as much. You just need to figure out what works for your, some people can sew no matter how much stuff is around them others can not. I can but I like the idea that I can find things easier now. It's still a work in progress and it'll take me along time to get it right because I tend to be a procrastanater (sp?) at times and then I'll get on a roll and just do it.

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    Apr 2011
    Spring Lake, Michigan
    Sew now...overlook the clutter, work around the stacks, and make do. Enjoy the next 2 years with your daughter. When she leaves in 2 years you can spread your wings...but you will miss her terribly so enjoy the time with her NOW. I have sold off things or given them away only to need them again in a few months. When my older kids left for college....I was heartbroken----still miss them every day. Still have 2 younger children to enjoy,,, so my advice to you is to enjoy every minute that you can NOW. Worry about tomorrow when it happens.

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