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Thread: Quilt saved from garage sale

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    Power Poster RedGarnet222's Avatar
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    Jan 2009
    Reno, Nv
    I am sorry to be a meanie ... But the next ime you have to go shopping at a local quilt store, take her along to see what a quilt costs to make these days. That should raise her eyebrows a little.

    There are many people who just don't understand about quilts. Probably because they were out of fashion for a while and the process was not seen day in and day out on a quilt frame with a dear lady blistering her fingers to finish a hand made, hand quilted coverlet.

    Have them watch the antique road show. These old beauties go for a hefty sum! Thousands. Some of the new ones go for that amount too, I might add. Just visit a shop that sells them. It is jaw dropping at a checkout stand of a quilt shop.

    Ranting aside ... You are a sweet mother in law to forgive her so quilckly. God willing we were all so nice.

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    Junior Member mycatsmom's Avatar
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    Sep 2009
    Remember, your son was getting rid of the quilt also. I would have been furious.

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    Bayou Quilter's Avatar
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    Aug 2009
    S. Louisiana
    A few years ago, my daughter was showing her sons, then 8 & 6 the quilts I had done for them as babies, & the older one asked her, "Were they done with love?" She told them yes. Out of the mouths of babes. They knew what it was. They each have several now, even made them quilts for their beds & they treasure them.

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    Super Member materialgrl's Avatar
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    Sep 2009
    AuGres Mi.
    New to the board,but I to rescued a quilt from a garage for 12 dollars.Its not my colors,but it has hand embroidery and praire points with hand quilting,I brought it home and it is on my bed.I cherish it because I know the hours of labor to make it, I wish I knew who made to tell them I love the quilt and use it every night,I tell my friends it needed a home where someone would love it,P.S. I live in Michigan

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    Oct 2007
    Macon, Ga
    I am so glad to hear of another quilt being saved. Here is a poem you may enjoy.
    In Honor of an Unknown Quilter

    I saw your quilt top,
    Green and yellow in the distance.
    There is was, catching the breeze,
    Draped over an old chifforobe to dry.
    A morning mist had dampened it,
    And sensing he had a treasure,
    The flea market vendor had placed it there.

    One end unfinished, brown with the years.
    I held your quilt, saw your face, and cried.
    Was it illness? Death? a crippling stroke?
    What made you lay it aside?
    Perhaps your fingers ceased to move.
    Anyway, you must have had a reason.

    Be assured:
    Youir quilt is safe with me.
    I will wash it, quilt it, care for it,
    And place it on my bed in your honor.
    Perhaps some day someone will
    Do the same for me.
    Written by Carol Vickers of Decatur, Mississippi

    From Hilda, aka New Knee

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    Jul 2009
    in the heart of the awl
    It is a beautiful quilt. Unfortunately, if someone doesn't sew, they don't realize the hours, money, sweat and sometimes tears that go into a quilt ( or any other hand made thing). and it seems that today's younger generation throws so much out. Glad you were there to rescue that treasure!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ducky
    You know, JJ, my first thought when I got home was, "Is she getting rid of stuff I've made them?" I spent months cross stitching a baby blanket for my granddaughter and made a snuggle blanket, plus did two other quilts for them. Oh, believe me, any future quilty gifts are out of the question.
    u r totally righ

    some pe doesnt respect hand made gifts

    good u find this try to rescue others

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    Super Member butterflywing's Avatar
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    Jan 2008
    currently central new jersey
    Quote Originally Posted by quiltncrazy
    At the very least, you would think, that when having a garage sale, that contained items, made by a person, and not just a 'manufactured clone of a thousand others", that the person would ask family, does anyone want this?
    I always ask my kids, if there is anything they want, when I have a box of charity stuff. I give decent stuff to our 'shop', but if it might be sentimental, family gets first dibs.
    So glad you rescued it...I bet you could hear, Auntie, sigh with relief, and the angels smiled at each other :D
    in our family anything, ANYTHING, that's passed around or passed down that comes from a family member, before it's disposed of, i get "first rights of refusal". then if none of the kids wants it, and i don't want it, it can go. dishes, furniture, linens, whatever. i get the last vote. or else the poop hits the fan!

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    May 2009
    oh my goodness this is so beautiful. Your DIL must not sew or she would certainly appreciate this token of love. How sad that todays kids (mine included) do not appreciate a family heirloom. Did you give her the $10? just curious

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    Super Member Ducky's Avatar
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    Mar 2009
    Quote Originally Posted by iamsuthern2
    oh my goodness this is so beautiful. Your DIL must not sew or she would certainly appreciate this token of love. How sad that todays kids (mine included) do not appreciate a family heirloom. Did you give her the $10? just curious
    I tried to give her the $10, but she wouldn't take it.

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