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Thread: Yard Sale/Garage Sale Signs

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    Yard Sale/Garage Sale Signs

    I love going to garage/yard sales.

    I love being able to find them.

    If I am just going by - because I don't usually "plan ahead" when I go to these sales - it is very helpful to me to have just a big sign with

    "YARD SALE" in bold letters large enough to see from far enough away to be able to negotiate traffic to head in that direction. An address in small print is fine - but most of the time, that is meaningless to me for two reasons - 1) I don't know the area, 2) I can't see it well enough to even read it unless it is on a corner with no traffic and I can get out and look at it.

    It is also very helpful to have the arrow - and the arrow point - large enough to see so I can get in the proper lane to get there.

    It also helpful to have all the signs going to one sale to be similar - use the same color/style of signs all the way to the door.

    I have gone by sale signs where I was unable to discern soon enough which way to go to get to the sale - so I kept on going.

    Also, please remove the signs when the sale is over.

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    I agree. If I can't read the small print, no point in having it on there. And yes, please remove the signs afterwards!
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    My DH loves yard sales too, and he takes me along to help him read the signs and addresses! In this heat and humidity, I usually stay in the van, but he loves it, so I get some reading done. If there is enough shade around, I might get out to look around, or if fabric is evident I will look.....and usually buy!
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    Also please securely attach the sign to support (all the way around). I see so many signs that have collapsed backwards or to the front so they become useless to try to read. And yes, as already said....remove signs after sale. Same goes for political signs. Argh!!!!!

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    And make sure signs are supported on the backside so it doesn't bend to where u can't see info on it....and yes please remove afterwards, it's time wasting as well as gas wasting to swing in to an past yard sales.
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    I agree with you wholeheartedly. We live on the mountain, and sometimes the signs just lead to nowhere. There is one lady that has a constant yard sale and believe me it is JUNK. I love the yard sales and the Estate sales and btw I am planning a whopper to start next weekend. We will be moving soon and i want to start sorting out the Yard Sale stuff, so I can go to yard sales in my new area andnget some more.

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    AGREE!!!!! DH and I always get frustrated when the print is too small and it usually is.

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    On Craigslist you can post ads for FREE! So when you post them, not only put in your street address - but how about some directions. It's a FREE ad!! I can't believe how many people put so little information in their ads!
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    Last garage sale I had, I used fluorescent orange paper and simply printed "SALE" with an arrow in the largest font I could print. I put them in plastic sheet protectors in case of rain, and attached them to wood sandwich boards I'd borrowed from a realtor friend. I had soooo many compliments on those signs!

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