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Thread: virus detected on several links

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    virus detected on several links

    Recently my virus scan has found sever al links in the daily summary that are reported as having a virus. Doesn't the manager of quilting board have virus scan of postings?

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    I am sure that our moderators do everything humanly possible to protect us from anything harmful. They are THE BEST!
    A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort :lol:

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    It happened tome tonight something is going on. Can not remember though what thread I was looking at though.

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    Be careful of a virus that looks like an Adobe Acrobat update. It appeared on the bottom left of the screen and if you press it you will infect your computer.
    If you are ever in any doubt about whether to click on updates, go in to your actual computer settings to check whether updates are available.
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    This has been happening on my computer also for the last week.

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    it is not a virus. it's a pop-up ad.
    my own theory is that one of the ads being pushed through the space is infected with adware or spyware.
    the techs try to block all pop-ups but this one is particularly annoying and was programmed to elude most defense measures.

    when the invisible ad/spyware tries to install itself, our own anti-virus programs prevent it.
    mine activates the additional step of temporarily blocking all traffic from the website.
    that's why it's necessary to shut down the browser completely to get rid of it.

    therefore, it's a "good-news-bad-news" thing. the ad and having to close and restart the browser is a pain in the butt. on the other hand, that's at least proof that our AV programs are protecting our computers. it's also important to remember that the board itself is not infected with a virus. as long as you have good AV software installed on your computer and keep it up to date there's nothing to worry about.

    if you know how to take a screen-shot, please do that if you get the false AV notice.
    send it by email to info@quiltingboard.com

    they will appreciate any clues we can provide to track down the source and block it.

    they have identified one ad so far and taken appropriate steps.

    the fake Adobe Update is new. i will report that.
    i am 99.9999999% sure none of our ads are the source of that but knowing about it, the techs can triple-check and watch for it.
    I Quilt, I Nap, I Quilt Some More ... Aaaaah, The Good Life!

    I also have an eddres you can use if you need to contact me with questions or suggestions that relate to our community: patricej@quiltingboard.com

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    My Nortons catches it and lets me know there is something bad out there so I just X out
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    I have NOrton 360 and it is at least twice daily, catching virus' from here...tells me about it and then gives option to "get me out of here!" or "I'll take my chance".

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    Started having trouble yesterday -- when I try to access board via e-mail notification (the you-have-a-message and to access it, go here). The screen top header looks like it wants to come up,then the whole page goes blank on me. I need to access by going thru www.quiltingboard.com, Also having a lot of problems with screen freezeups. Something else going on? Is it me or the board?

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    Iíve been getting notices from my Norton software off and on for quite a while. It usually closes my IE browser. It's Windows Internet Explorer 9, version: 9.0.8112.16421, with update 9.0.10. Itís past due for an upgrade, so maybe that could be part of my problem.

    It seems like Iím getting it when I mouse over something while scrolling through the threads, but Iím not sure. Here's the one I got a few minutes ago....

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