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Thread: Rhonda's Electric Quilt Class - Week 8 - PatchDraw

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    Rhonda's Electric Quilt Class - Week 8 - PatchDraw

    This week we are going to look at PatchDraw. This is a group of tools that allow you to create some applique or stencil designs. They could be used to trace off for quilting designs or you can applique a quilt block with them or you can use them as motifs. If you are going to do applique you can print off templates to use to transform them into applique pieces.

    This is a great place to play and explore your creativity! It isn't piecing but it is exciting to see what comes out of playing with the tools.

    Here is an Angel I made with the tools and I am going to show you how to do this yourself.

    Name:  Angel.jpg
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    find Block in the top tool bar and click on it
    Then click on patchdraw in the menu that pops up.
    Name:  1.jpg
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    In EQ5 you will see the Patchdraw tools in the tool bar on the right side of your screen
    Name:  2.jpg
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    In EQ7 go to the bottom of your block and click on Applique to get your Patchdraw tools to pop up on your left tool bar

    Name:  3.jpg
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Size:  21.5 KB

    Here you can see the Patchdraw tools in your left tool bar in EQ7. If you don't see all of the tools then click on any tool and this menu will pop up. click on add/remove buttons. Add any buttons you want to use. I think the swath and brush stroke buttons are fun to play with.
    Click on the shapes to be able to pop out the shape bars. I had trouble getting mine to pop out so just play with clicking and I tried holding down the left click and dragging it out. Sometimes it worked.
    Name:  4.jpg
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Size:  24.4 KB

    In EQ5 you will see your tools in your right side tool bar. Click on the little black arrow beside the bottom box where you will see a shape. This should pop out your row of shapes.
    Name:  5.jpg
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Size:  9.2 KB

    So choose a shape to play with
    On the worktable left click and hold it down and pull the shape across the worktable. As you play with it you will get a feel for how big or how little you want it to start.
    Name:  6.jpg
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    After you have your shape find the Bezier Tool
    This tool allows you to move a line any way you want.

    Name:  7.jpg
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    Just click on a line and you will see two black boxes appear at the ends of that line. You will see a dotted line coming out from each box.

    In EQ7 you will have more black boxes in the middle of the lines too. It makes it a bit easier to move and shape the lines.

    Name:  8.jpg
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    Each dotted line has a small box on the end. Click on that box to move that end of the line and then you can also shorten the dotted line and or move up and down with it to change and shape your line.
    Name:  9.jpg
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    Here I wanted to show you how you can twist this in any way you want to. Just use the dotted lines and move them any direction.
    Name:  10.jpg
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    Here I used the leaf shape to start my wings for the angel
    Name:  11.jpg
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    Then I used the teardrop shape for the head. I tried the circle but the teardrop has a better shape to change to make it look more like a head.
    Name:  12.jpg
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Size:  12.2 KB

    Here you can see the black box where you can click on it to move the lines on each side of the head to shape the head.

    Name:  13.jpg
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Size:  11.7 KB

    I used the dotted lines to drag the lines down to create the wings shapes.
    Name:  14.jpg
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Size:  16.7 KB

    Now she has a halo and a head and the body and wings still need shaped.
    Name:  15.jpg
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Size:  19.2 KB

    You might want to pay attention to how the pieces look where they connect. Here I think the neck needs to be under the head not up into the head shape.

    Name:  16.jpg
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Size:  51.4 KB

    So go back to the patchdraw side and click on the point of that shape to move the neck down under the head.
    Name:  17.jpg
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Size:  24.7 KB

    Another thing you can play with is the diamond shape or any of the geometrics.
    Click on the shape and then left click on the worktable holding it down and dragging the shape across the worktable.
    Name:  18.jpg
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Size:  6.9 KB

    I then added a second one and I started on the same spot the first one started. I moved it so the left side of the second one would meet the right side of the first one.

    Name:  19.jpg
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    Here you can see I added a third diamond to close the box. I also did a star. This is just using a straight line and make sure all of your lines connect or you won't be able to color the star.

    Name:  20.jpg
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Size:  24.8 KB

    Here are some of my quilt blocks I made. I had so much fun doing these!!!!!

    Even if you never use them for anything it is just plain fun to do this!!
    I think you could create coloring pages for a child to color You could draw designs and print them off and use them to frame them! Let the kids play and keep their designs either printed out or turn them into quilt blocks.

    You could use your designs to print off your own cards. You could print them off onto inkjet fabric sheets and then use them in a quilt just like you would a photo panel.
    Lots of possibilities beyond making applique with them.

    Name that Bug!
    Name:  Name that Bug.JPG
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Size:  13.5 KB

    Name:  Flower.jpg
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    Blocks n Stars
    Name:  Hearts n Blocks.jpg
Views: 1646
Size:  64.6 KB

    The Face of Boo
    Name:  Face of Boo.JPG
Views: 1637
Size:  13.4 KB

    Alien from the 9th Dimension
    Name:  Alien From the 9th Planet.BMP
Views: 1936
Size:  263.7 KB

    Birds of a Feather
    Name:  Birds of a Feather.jpg
Views: 1641
Size:  29.3 KB

    Name:  Tadpoles 300.jpg
Views: 1575
Size:  33.1 KB

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    Oh what fun, don't forget the PDF....you amaze me girl!
    "Impossible is an opinion, not a fact" Cameron Clapp


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    Keller, TX
    You are amazing Rhonda. Thanks for the wonderful tut.

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    Quote Originally Posted by klgreene View Post
    Oh what fun, don't forget the PDF....you amaze me girl!
    It isn't me Katie that is amazing it is the program! It is so easy to use. I would never ever sit down with pen and paper and come up with these on my own. But I just chose a shape and started stretching it and moving it and found things I liked and just kept building on that. I have never had so much fun with a program before.

    I can't sing it's praises enough. It is a wonderful way to create and let your imagination fly. Then you can go to print and print out templates of what you made! Or print your design off as a stencil and use it to quilt with.

    Like I said in the tute so many possibilities of ways to use this.

    I was finishing this at 4am so sorry I didn't even think about the PDF. I will get it done today and post it here after while.

    One of my many sins is I have a tendency to leave everything to the last minute. I did start doing some of the screenshots the other day but inspiration doesn't hit me unless I wait til I have to push myself to get it done! LOL Hence the working on it til 4am. I didn't really get serious about posting it til midnight. Then I still kept stopping to watch David Tuttera's wedding show. Love that show! The creativity is mind boggling.

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    rhonda, you have such an imagination, I don,t think there is a limit to your doings,great tut,thanks

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    Another great tut. Thank you for all you are doing for the people on this board. Hope I can use this program half as well as you do. Your great granddaughter is an angel. I will patiently wait for the PDF.

    Thank You so much


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    Rhonda thank you so very much for these lessons. Now if only I can put them to use. I had back surgery so am unable to sit at the computer or sewing machine for long periods. Hopefully soon though.
    I collect Seraphim Angels

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    Feb 2010
    Thank you Rhonda for the wonderful tutes that you are creating. I have EQ4 and 5, and thought I knew everything - but you are opening my awareness and interest all over again. I thank you so much for that! You are one heck-of-a-teacher!

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