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Thread: My 1st White Sewing Machine

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    Oct 2012

    Smile My 1st White Sewing Machine

    Hi all - I'm new to the group & am looking for information on a machine I recently purchased. Having lots of problems trying to date it & find any info on it at all.

    Here is what I know or have found on or with the machine:
    Instruction Manual says: White Long Shuttle Sewing Machine on cover

    Plaque on front says: White Number 8

    Stamped underneath on bottom of machine are these letters & numbers (they are not stamped together but are like this):

    6153 W

    Stamped on the back of the machine on the main arm underneath where the motor attaches are (numbers are 'engraved' not raised like one I saw on the internet): 6152

    I would attach pictures but can not - I have tried to attach as individual, as a word document, & as a PDF file & it keeps telling me "the attachment has failed to load". Any advice on that would be greatly appreciated.

    Since I can not upload the pics of my machine anyone that wants pictures to help me determine the year & value is more than welcome to message me & ask me to send them to you in an email. I would love to find out as much information as possible on this machine. I would also like to find a "white" cabinet that fits the time period of the machine to purchase to put this one in so that I can both use & display this beautiful machine.

    Thank you in advance to all that lend to my research of this machine.

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    May 2007
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    I just googled a White number 8 sewing machine and several sites came up. One said that it was a Singer 27 clone. Another showed where the serial number was and a telephone number to call the company and find out. It is really hard to know exactly without a picture. Have you tried posting the picture using jpeg.?


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    Sep 2010
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    I don't own a White, but here is a person that owns lots of Whites.
    She has compiled photos and information on the different White machines.
    My suggestion is to look through her files.

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    Oct 2012
    Thank you Queen, I came up with that same info when I searched. I called the company & they were very unhelpful. Didn't even ask for my serial number just said that the White number 8 machines weren't produced until the 1960s but I have found evidence to suggest that they were produced as early as the 1920s, just no real proof yet.

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    Oct 2012
    Thank you for the reply vintagemotif, I have actually looked through quite a bit of that users files & have fell in love with some of her machines. She has lots of info & I've thought about emailing her for help.

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    Oct 2012
    Finally got my pictures sized right so that they would post. Here is my beautiful "White Number 8" Sewing Machine.
    I only paid $35.00 for it. Hope everyone enjoys them.
    Will be posting a few more that show the stamped numbers & letter that are on the machine & a few other items.
    Name:  2front view 2 (300x225).jpg
Views: 975
Size:  76.9 KB Name:  4back (300x225).jpg
Views: 930
Size:  78.1 KB Name:  5left end (225x300).jpg
Views: 934
Size:  69.3 KB Name:  8crank end (225x300).jpg
Views: 928
Size:  72.8 KB
    Name:  3front view showing case (300x225).jpg
Views: 932
Size:  67.4 KB shows the case it was in when I bought it Name:  6close up of needle end (225x300).jpg
Views: 927
Size:  61.5 KB Name:  7close up of bobbin winder (225x300).jpg
Views: 937
Size:  65.4 KB bobbin winder

    Name:  9close up of shuttle opening (225x300).jpg
Views: 947
Size:  72.8 KB where the shuttle/bobbin goes (slides off) Name:  10close up of shuttle slides (225x300).jpg
Views: 933
Size:  65.9 KB slides in place

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    Oct 2012
    The rest of my pictures of my "White Number 8 Sewing Machine"

    Name:  11close up of stamped numbers on back arm of machine (300x225).jpg
Views: 987
Size:  79.6 KBmain arm/head [6152]
    Name:  12close up of stamped numbers underneath machine (300x225).jpg
Views: 926
Size:  46.6 KBunderneath/bottom [CO 6153 W]
    Name:  13oval raised plaque (300x225).jpg
Views: 932
Size:  67.0 KBplaque on flat part under motor [8M8079]
    Name:  14shuttle view 1 (225x300).jpg
Views: 909
Size:  61.0 KBview 1 shuttle Name:  15shuttle view 2 (225x300).jpg
Views: 913
Size:  61.8 KBview 2 shuttle
    Name:  16bobbins (300x225).jpg
Views: 928
Size:  54.7 KBbobbins
    Name:  17back view of peddle (300x225).jpg
Views: 929
Size:  61.9 KBview 1 foot peddle
    Name:  18front view of peddle (300x225).jpg
Views: 922
Size:  65.4 KBview 2 foot peddle Name:  21instructions manual (225x300).jpg
Views: 909
Size:  78.1 KB instruction manual (all pages are there)

    Name:  20view 2 motor (300x225).jpg
Views: 907
Size:  54.2 KBplaque on motor
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    NE Ohio
    Super neat looking White you have there! I see these from time to time floating around but yours is definitely in great condition. I just picked up a White Family Rotary in a cabinet...next to Singer they are my favorite machines to look for because they are so pretty! I know Treadle On has a little info about Whites and definitely check out ISMACS.net if you haven't already!

    Edited to Add - just out of curiosity I hopped over to ISMACS to see...they don't have a comprehensive list of machines and pictures of White's like the Singer's but if you go to the history of the company it says right there that the Model 8's are clones of the Singer 27...introduced in the late 1920's. It says it was initially manufactured by Domestic...I just happened to see one of those Domestic's at an antique shop the other day too!
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    Valerie Smith - pumpkinpatchquilter
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    Jun 2012
    Great pictures!

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    Oct 2012
    Thanks Pumpkin Patch Quilter, The look of it was one of the biggest reason I bought it. I'm not a huge sewer but I love tinker with making things & my daughter who is 13 loves to sew. Now that we are homeschooling her I am trying to come up with some neat projects that will teach her too.

    I think I have check out Treadle On, will have to check them out again & see what info they have. As for ISMACS.net I look at their site & they really didn't have a lot, but I also asked to join their site so maybe I will be able to get/find some more info.

    I will have to look at the fact that it might have been manufactured by Domestic - I would think that it would say that somewhere on the machine. My husband says it's got to be from the 1950s because of the case - he says the vinyl is classic 1950s. I told him that that doesn't mean that the machine is that old. I have an old Remington that my mother bought me back in 1999 at a Salvation Army Store for $5.00 in Michigan that was in a portable case then in 2008 I found another machine (can't remember the make/model) that was in a cabinet at an estate sale where I know live & since my hubby gave me cash for my mother's day present I bought it for $40 brought it home & change the 2 machine's out since I didn't like the way the one in the cabinet sewed. I liked my old Remington better.

    I am having to try to find a belt that will fit my White before I can try it out but if it sews as good as what a lot of people that own them say my old Remington might not get used as often. I have been reading about all the different "foot" attachments that can be used with the White Number 8 and find that some would come in very handing for the things I do on my machine.

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