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Thread: Thread breakage, lint and fuzz ........ :(

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    Super Member J Miller's Avatar
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    Feb 2012
    NE Indiana

    Thread breakage, lint and fuzz ........ :(

    I'm working on my "All Machines Denim Quilt" again. It got put back while we did the ones for my Aunts.

    I've been using each machine as I go to do piecing, and decorating. Well, I've decorated squares with every machine capable of some stitch other than SS except the Bernina 930, Kenmore 158-523, and a couple of the Japanese ZZ machines.
    Right now I'm using my 500A with all 23 cams. I know I don't need the cams cos it already has lots of built in patterns that duplicate some of the cams.
    However, the stitches made by the cams are just a bit different than the corresponding built in cam patterns, so I just use them anyway.

    Now when you are decorating using patterns the machine goes through a lot of thread pretty quickly. So you can't always see a thread splice as it comes from the spool.

    Bamm! Broken thread from a spool of Coats & Clarks machine quilting thread. Grrrrrrr ....
    I rethread the machine, reposition my work. Do a couple more squares.

    Then change colors and get set up again. I like to use light thread on dark denim and dark or bright colored on lighter denim.
    So here I am sewing along happily minding my own business ..... BAMMMM! Busted thread. Check it out, another splice. Now I'm getting frustrated.
    Rethread the machine, get going again ........... BAMM, not six inches later another bloody splice, but this one actually made it through the needle. A half inch of stitching later though the thread shredded in the needle and broke.
    Rethread, finish the square. Really thinking of binning the rest of that spool.

    When I went to pull the bobbin out I noticed the whole bobbin case area, hook, and feed dogs were covered with lint and fuzz.

    Cleaned out the machine, sending derogatory remarks towards C&C for making such crappy thread.

    Changed out the needle, just because. It was getting dull anyway.

    So now I'm wondering, is there any thread readily available that is strong, clean, and doesn't have splices in it?
    I've got a lot of squares to decorate and three splices from two rolls of thread has me really P.O.'d.


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    Super Member DogHouseMom's Avatar
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    Jan 2011
    Knot Merrill, Southern Indiana
    Yes .. as I was reading I was thinking "must recommend alternate thread!".

    A few threads that I like because I don't suffer breaks (with exception of ummm ...operator error) and I don't suffer tons of lint (I hate lint and I will not buy a thread that throws a lot!)

    Superior Threads (various types including King Tut, MasterPiece and Bottom Line)

    Aurifil is by far my favorite. It's strong, it's a 2 ply so it's finer than most 50wt threads, and it has a very nice sheen to it. The lint is minimal. Gutterman is a smidge heavier than Aurifil but still a nice thread. Superior King Tut is also a little heavier than Aurifil and a smidge more on the lint side .. but no where near as bad as some that I've tried.

    Aurifil is pricey and not easy to find. None of my LQS carry it and my online source has since gone out of business. I was lucky enough to know she was going out of business and I stocked up (seriously stocked up!) so I have not looked for a source for quite some time.

    While I know that splices can happen ... I've never run into one. To run into two or more splices on the same spool is just plain shoddy manufacturing in my opinion.

    The worst ... Connecting Threads Essential. I quilted what was probably less than 1 yard of thread and had to clean my needle area because there was so much lint I couldn't see my hopping foot. This was after spending a small fortune to buy all 12 colors of thread I needed for a project. I traded them all away on QB for fabric.
    May your stitches always be straight, your seams always lie flat, and your grain never be biased against you.


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    Oct 2009
    Hi Joe,
    Sorry for your troubles! I don't like Essential threads...they aren't (essential), at least in my house. However, I do use Superior threads almost exclusively and I love them. King Tut is a fav, as is the newer Omni (poly-wrapped poly core) and Glide, 100% polyester also from Superior. I have had really good luck and low lint with all of these. In this day and age, to have to put up with spliced thread is just not necessary, and I won't do it. I have had a couple of manufacturers I have quit buying because of those kinds of problems...and I think C&C is one of them. Good luck!
    If you feel like you're special...it's 'cause you are!

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    Senior Member harrishs's Avatar
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    Council Bluffs, Iowa
    I tried Coats and Clark on my mid arm Pfaff and had a terribe time with broken thread.....seems to work okay for piecing. I do love the Essential Pro from Connecting threads and my Pfaff does like it also. The c&c also linted a LOT where the Essential Pro is not a linty but is polyester.....but works good for me. I have not tried embroidery type stitches......

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    Senior Member happyquiltmom's Avatar
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    Jan 2012
    NE Indiana
    Years ago, Coats and Clark made excellent thread. But, not any more. The only thing I use it for now is to hand baste quilts and to zig-zag raw edges of fabric to be washed. When I'm finished with a batch of zig-zagging, I MUST clean out the bobbin area because it's so linty!

    I use Presencia now. It's the only brand we sell in the shop.

    Curator of an 1889 Singer model 27 Fiddlebase Treadle, a 1951 Singer Centennial Featherweight, a 1956 Singer 401A, and a 1982 Bernina 830 Record.

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    Junior Member makitmama's Avatar
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    Jul 2012
    Tidewater, VA
    I love Superior threads and use them a lot. I use aurafil when I can find it. One thing I heard at the Mid-Atlantic quilt fest last week was that a lot of companies are using the phrases 'egyptian' and 'long-staple' on junk threads. There was an overseas vendor there that had a ton of spools with no labels, and his booth signs used both those words....

    I'm a Queen.... at least my pantyhose say I am!

    (proud caretaker of a magenta 221, purple 222, assorted 66's, a 301, a pink Atlas and Monarch, and Granny's 201-2.

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    Super Member deplaylady's Avatar
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    Feb 2011
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    Thanks for the tips on essential threads - was tempted after looking at the flyer the other day - I'll have to look to see the difference between essential and essential pro. I usually use Gutterman or Signature.

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    Senior Member vanginney's Avatar
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    Aug 2012
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    I use connecting threads for years. I haven't had any problems with breakage...haven't notice over linting, but I haven't been paying attention. Love all the colours and stock up when they are $2.19! It might not be the highest quality, but mid-range for sure.

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    Anchorage, AK
    you've got the answers I'd give for brand names, but for general information, look for anything labeled "Long (or extra long) staple"....the "staple" is the fiber used in making thread, and the longer staples mean stronger threads. fewer ends of fibers to shred and cause lint, etc.

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    Super Member irishrose's Avatar
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    On a limited pension, I had to look for an inexpensive supplier of thread. I ordered from this company and so far have been satisfied. The thread is not as hard finished as Guterman, but it's strong, non linty and comes in pretty colors.

    I also ordered the varigated embroidery threads in polyester. They are very pretty and FMQ very well.

    I received free shipping as a Christmas special, too.

    edit: I haven't tried on Miss Elna yet. That will be the test as she is a little selective. The 301 and the 15 clone are happy with these threads.
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