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I finally got to go to Joann's in the next town over, last week. I love going to find new FQs. I was walking around petting the FQ's, (yes I do!) when I walked over to see the little bundles of FQ's, and imagine my surprise when the top bundle of 'blenders' was a stack of fabrics that I bought last year at Walmart, off the dollar table! I looked at them with my magnifier light, and it is exactly the same weave and colors. Ruined my whole trip. I always thought Joann's was a higher quality fabric than Walmart. I now have proof that that just isn't so! Dagnabit! Another illusion blown up! It will make me think twice, before I spend more than a few dollars for Joann's fabric. The only upside to the story is that I got it in 17 different colors for a project I want to do. Joann's only had five colors. :roll:
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