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Originally Posted by quilter41
Well I have to disagree with those of you who like the Chain Stores. If you lived in a small town and saw all your friends and neighbors lose their businesses because of Walmart, Joann's, Hobby Lobby, Hancocks, etc. you would understand why I say patronize your LQS. Walmart has ruined our downtown area and that is why I refuse to go there. One after another have closed because of all the Chain Stores plus it has brought lots of riff raff to our town from areas where they aren't located.
this is what "everyone" claimed would happen to our small town when superwm came in 5 years ago. Hasn't happened. I work at a small family owned business that ''everyone' was sure would be ruined. NOT! Infact we are doing better than ever. Some small business owners don't provide good customer service and act like they are doing you a favor by waiting on you. That's why they lose business.
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