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Originally Posted by kathyclark9511
Thanks for responding. I can tell the difference between the blue bobbin casing and the red when I am free motion quilting. I know that one of the upgraded feet can be adjusted to the proper pressure of the quilt top, batting and back piece of fabric. I am wondering if this adjustment gives better free motion quilting stitches. Hope someone can enlighten me.
I just bought the better FMQ foot today, along with the blue dot casing. I haven't used it yet. When I was at the store/dealer today, her comment was that with the double spring, FMQing will be much smoother, that I'll enjoy it more thus, be more likely to stick with it and master the technique. I've just done a little of it with my old machine, and haven't exactly fallen in love ... so I'm hoping, as I trust her experience, knowledge and wisdom!
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