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Default Unusual problem - I think I was overpaid

I made a baby quilt at the request of a friend. He is a new grandpa. It was very simple. Mom wanted specific colors and nothing girlie. I did have to make a run to a quilt shop to get some of the fabric (80 miles round trip).

I embroidered the little girl's name, birthdate and a couple of lady bugs on it.

The entire quilt top had 40 pieces in it. I have made single blocks with nearly that many pieces!

Quilted it, bound it and delivered it to Grandpa with an estimate of the costs of what I had in it.

He paid me the cost of materials plus 3.5 times that for labor/design, etc...

I was shocked. He insists it is worth it to him.

My husband says, "Tell him you are glad he values your work so much. Thank him and accept graciously."

I am trying but I am accustomed to being UNDERvalued.

What do you think?
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