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Originally Posted by J Miller View Post
ArchaicArcane, Miriam,
I remember that thread, even looked for it. But I didn't find it. I'll bookmark it this time. Thanks.

From the bottom, the motors on the 401 and 500 look pretty much the same. But removed and compared I have no idea.
We have a 201-2, a 15-91 and a FW. So, if I bought a set of those brushes and they didn't fit the 500, I wouldn't be out any.

However ...... Mizkakis idea of the motor oil down on top of the bearing seems to be working. I was sewing with it a bit ago after putting several drops of Penzzoil 30 WT motor oil on the bearing and it is quieting down. Got a couple projects to do with it later and then I'm going to do a felt stitch pattern sheet. That should give it a work out.

THe 401 and the 500 and the 600 motors ARE the same but the 500 and 600 have a different top gear on them.
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