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Originally Posted by crocee View Post
I'm going to try to enter something using my skill builder quest. I am cornfused about one of the rules though.
Your entry - MUST NOT HAVE BEEN SHOWN ANYWHERE BEFORE!!!!!!!! Does this mean shown by me personally as in online or as in a show? I've never shown anything in a show and only have 2 blocks uploaded anywhere.
it just means it can't be posted online anywhere or shown to anyone who is going to vote. so don't show it to your friends til after the vote. If you are showing it to a guild and noone there is a member here then that's not a conflict and you can show it there. We just want to keep this anonymous so it is a fair vote. If you posted it on FB for example then others would know it was yours and be influenced when they vote. We want to vote on them by what they look like and what they deserve. I want to avoid anyone voting for friends instead of voting for the best one.
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