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Definitely agree with going and checking it out. The first guild I attended was not a good fit for me. It was a smaller number of people and it seemed "clique-y." I tried it for almost a year. No one really talked to me except to say hi and the leader never remembered my name. It probably didn't help that I was kind of shy at the time and didn't try to talk to people. Guess I just faded into the background! I'm sure I wasn't snubbed or ignored on purpose.

Now I go to 2 different ones, one is a regular group and one is a modern group. Most there are quite nice but I've had to make an effort to be friendly and contribute ideas and show-and-tells.

The LQS does offer classes and bus trips to shows/other shops but I haven't signed up for any. Maybe I'm just destined to be more of a lone quilter!
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