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Originally Posted by pblattel View Post
I am having the same problem. Did anyone ever figure this out? I have been transferring files just fine up until this past weekend. Now, when I try to import from the PC to my SE400, it says it is transmitting, but nothing shows up on the display screen. Not sure if there is a problem with my machine or something I am doing wrong. I am using a .pes file, smaller than 4x4 and it doesn't have any special characters in the filename. It is unzipped. I basically put together a monogram from my Sew What Pro software.
I've spent all day futzing with trying to get a design to transfer to my SE400 via USB and I've found the solution, to my version of the problem, at least. If the design you're trying to transfer is bigger than the 4x4 design size, the file won't show up.

I thought that size referred to megabytes-- the file itself was too big. While that can be a problem, my design was something like 4.10" x 3. When I attempted to load designs that fit the 4x4 restriction, they showed up without a problem.

Hope this helps!
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