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Default computer scam

Please be careful...
I just hung up with a man with a very heavy accent...he was calling from an out of area phone #.
He told me that he has been watching my computer for the last few days and that my computer is corrupted and he can fix it over the phone. He wanted me to go to my computer and log in....
I went down to the family room and whispered to my husband what this guy wanted...he took the phone and he listened and then went off on the guy. Told him that he built computers (he does) and all sorts of technical stuff, etc.....and that this guy was scamming and to back off....this went on for at least a minute. The guy hung up the phone.

PLEASE do not do what these callers want...all you are doing is letting them have access to your information. I didn't fall for it because my parents got a call like this a couple of weeks ago...and they don't even own a computer.
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