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Originally Posted by Pam H View Post
I didn't realize those houses were so tiny. They are so cute. You made 100 of them? Wow!
This little girl frustrates me so much! She is 17 mo old now. It is so difficult to get her to take a nap. She can make herself vomit so I can't just lay her down and let her cry. She won't even let me rock her anymore. When she realizes I want her to take a nap she starts gagging. If my car wasn't blocked in by constructions workers I would take her for a drive. Have you ever heard of a bulimic baby? I sure hadn't.
I just happened to see your post, and wanted to share a trick I learned from a lady when my youngest was small and threw tantrums. This is going to sound strange, but any time your little pumpkin starts to gag herself, get within a couple inches of her nose, and do the loudest gasp you can, and run away! When she figures out that gagging makes you jump and run away, it will stop. Might take a few times, but the peace returning will be worth it. The best way to deal with my little imp's tantrums was to do something to surprise her. One day I was so frustrated, I wanted to lock her in a closet. That would be cruel and illegal, so I stood by the closet door thinking "If I put her in there, I am in trouble, but it is not illegal to lock yourself in a closet" so I stepped into the closet, pulled the door shut behind me, and let her fuss to get the door open. After a couple minutes, when she finally took a breath, I opened the closet, she started again, and back in I went. I said nothing at all. She figured out that if she wanted me out of the closet, she had to be nice to mommy. Worked like a charm, that was the last tantrum she threw. You are a momma, by definition that makes you creative. Use your talent. I will keep you in mind as you struggle. My youngest and I are now best friends, so there is!
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