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I don't really "collect" anything, but I'm like Jan and have way too much paper. Whenever I'm going to have the gang (my kids and grands) over, I need to straighten up. So I go through these piles and can't throw much away. They are all such good articles, I just want someone else to read them. My "most important" pile is on my computer desk, and don't you dare touch that.

So yesterday I came home with four sewing machines in my car. I must be nuts. These have all been given to me. I already have 5 more at my house, and a few more at kids' houses. These four are all vintage machines: one is a treadle which I want to use, one will be donated to the sewing machine project, and one is a "boat anchor". The boat anchor I want to take apart and see if I can put it back together again. It is froze now, and has no bobbin case. Yes, I think I'm crazy.
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