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Default More photos...

I was able to get a few photos, hopefully it will help determine the remedy for the lift. Sorry for any tilted photos... they were right-side-up when I started...

This photo is where one end of the strap is attached to the lid.
I'm pretty sure the screws aren't original... My grandfather had 'fixed' this a time or two and the points have pierced the other side of the lid.


This is the pulley behind the machine that the strap feeds through.

Full view.

My mock up. This is where I'm not sure how the strap feeds through pulley.
The strap will be flat, this definitely has a twist to it.
Can't be good.

Metal bar where other end of strap will attach in front of machine.
I still can't fathom how a leather strap can hold up the weight of that machine...
I keep thinking there needs to be a locking lever or some such thing once it's in the upright position...

Thanks for all the input and help. I appreciate it.
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