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I took off on a bike ride this morning. I had deided I was going to ride this whole section of the bike path, about 22 miles. Luckily I decided I didn't feel like going that far. The wind kicked up a little bit and there was quite a headwind on my way bcak. The little waves in the river made it look like the river was flowing backwards. It was a lot harder ride on the way back. I rode 18 miles.
Teri thanks for the info on the App I will try to find it. Pam I have an iPhone 5c and the fitbit is compatible with it. I think it uses bluetooth. I would like to find an app that tracks WW points like the WW app. I don't want to pay to join WW again but need a point counter.
Last night was happy hour night with the staff from school. Calorie wise I did ok. What I ate wasn't very healthy but it was tasty. I had a snack size boneless wings and one drink. Back on track this morning. I haven't been on the scale in a couple of weeks. Curious to see what it has to say at the end of the month. Some of my pants are getting a little bit baggy in the butt:-)
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