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Originally Posted by Jim's Gem View Post
Ok, so finally got my FQ's out in today's mail. I'm sorry they are so late. I have Jan - Mar with a little something extra for postage.

I hope everyone is doing well. I am down only about 2 - 3 lbs so far. It is better than going up. Today I am babysitting my youngest grand daughter. She just will be 5 mos old on the 27th. Her mamma is a teacher in a T-K class.
My next grand is due March 3. Beth will need a C-Section so that means for a couple of weeks I will have Faith more as well as Naomi and Caleb while their mother recovers. It ought to be interesting.

I had my last session with my PT. He is going to request more. I see my Dr on Monday. I asked him if I can start walking around the block yet. He said no. I can ride an exercise bike or do a little work on an elliptical(I don't have access to one of those) but no walking where I can't immediately stop when the foot starts to hurt.

I do get to go to Road to California Quilt show tomorrow. I am going with 4 other friends and they will take turns pushing me around in the wheel chair. It should be a fun day!
Hahahah see you at the Road to California. Well maybe not since I do not know who to look for but I will be out there with one of my daughters and a friend.

Oh does this count as working out? I'll be wandering the halls from 9 aM to 6 PM. LOL No I still did not make it out to the exercise place.

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