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No impressive loses for January here. Chocolate is too good of a friend to me. I am down some but not enough to win. But down is good. I have been thinking about adding a water aerobics to my routine. I haven't actually made it there yet. I actually dug out my swimsuit tonight and almost put it on to go. But I got lazy and skipped it. Leann,putting things in the freezer does help me a little bit only because my freezer is down in the basement and I am often too lazy to go down there to get the goodies. But I can eat almost anything froze too.
There is another meeting tomorrow for my kindergartener. This is to discuss the behavior improvement plan that we created. HA HA! No one involved really expects it to work, it is just a formality to show that they have tried everything. Half of the problem is that she truly is possibly bi-polar and her other problem is mom. Rudest child I have ever met.
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