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I had my machine serviced/cleaned last week and I have a feeling that something strange went on in the shop. Ever since I got it back I've had loops on the back of the quilt (with the bobbin thread) when I've been trying to free motion. It almost looks as if the top tension is too loose, but I've tried everything to fix it.

I've NEVER had this before. Absolutely never. I've re-threaded the machine about a million times. I've changed the needle and the bobbin and the thread and everything else I can think of. I've tried every single tension setting while moving the fabric fast and slow at all the different speed settings. I took the entire thing apart (as much as I was comfortable) looking for loose threads. I seriously cant find a thing wrong.

Normal sewing is fine, but the minute I drop the feed dogs, the loops come back.

Like I said, I've never had this problem before. I'm going back to the store tomorrow to try and figure out what's going wrong. It's just very frustrating.

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