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My knees feel somewhat better from me injuring them on Monday. I was at my spinning class and while we were sitting and pedaling fast the seat fell. This made my knees bend a lot more than they are capable of. The right one which was replaced 1 year ago is mostly better. The left one which is not in the best shape to start with is still somewhat sore. It doesn't help that I was on cafeteria duty all week. 2 1/2 hours on my feet. It almost feels like I tore the meniscus. It is not as bad as earlier this week but still sore. I am going to try a gentle ride later today and see how that goes. I have a doctor appt on Friday which was for my one year check up of the replacement. He would have probably done an MRI on the other one as it has been bothering me before the injury. I had Syndics shots in the other knee for years. Hopefully that will fix the left one for a time.
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