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I am on a no salt/low salt diet. I found something very interesting. I will buy the spaghetti sauce with the least amount of salt and then serve the spaghetti with 1/4C of sauce per serving. That holds down the salt. A person needs salt in their body and I find other things to enjoy without salt, like Hersheys dark chocolate (NO SALT), hint of salt Ritz (1% salt per 5 crackers) and load that with veggies or white cheese (low salt). Trader Joe's has stuff that is low in salt. You have to look though. I steer clear of any and all packaged lunch meat. It is loaded. No ham, no bacon. Bacon sounds so good to me, but I haven't had any for over a year now. Hasn't killed me. I have lost weight, feel super great and this is all because I was diagnosed with Pneumonia, Atrial Fibrillation, Congestive Heart
Failure, High Blood Pressure. I can't shovel snow anymore and I can't mow the bank, but I can mow level ground, I can't lift more than 20 lbs, but I feel so good and I have fun fixing meals without salt. I threw out the salt, donated the canned goods, make my own tomato juice - delicious. My doctor says that I can splurge once in a while, like pizza, shrimp (I eat a lot of shrimp and cocktail sauce - that's ok, but not deep fried), Today I am going out for pizza. But then I will have absolivly-positootly no salt for a few days. Fruit and veggies and chocolate!!!!!! There is no salt in Wine. One glass before dinner. The one thing I cannot tolerate is unsalted butter. Tastes too much like lard to me and the cardiologist said that if I use it sparingly, I can have regular salt. That is my only sin!

I wish you good luck with your cooking and improvising and making something really good that you can serve again and again.

Hunts has no salt tomato sauce. Hunts has no salt catsup (not bad at all) Make your own French Fries! You could probably use the tomato sauce and catsup and make a spaghetti sauce, too! I also found that Ramen noodles are good for spaghetti - just throw away the spice packet......also Mrs. Dash has a salt free - all natural sloppy joe mix(I haven't tried it yet, though!) I use Dorothy Lynch Home Style dressing - 7% salt per 2T - Not too bad for a salad and you can add a little water to it and throw in pieces of white cheese, some pieces of chicken breast, and every kind of veggie you can imagine.

Good luck to you and your husband. Always say no salt at a restaurant. I have found that Burger King does not salt anything (meat, French fries, but anything that is prepared like chicken nuggets has salt, they just don't add salt to it. I find that a lot of restaurants don't salt anymore. That's Good! Edie

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