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We've been on a low salt diet for several years so we don't miss salt. My doctor told me that my blood was a little low on sodium. I told him that that is because I cook for a man who is on a low salt diet. He recently was in the hospital as the salt in his blood got too low, so I'm having to write down everything he eats and drinks to keep it balanced now that he's home.

I just made meals fresh without sauces, but some things I don't want to make from scratch, like ketchup and spaghetti sauce, mustard, mayo, and I can't find low salt/no salt versions in my local stores for those things. I did find low salt panko, peanut butter, bread, and canned tomatoes... had to go to three stores to find that! I'll have to start looking at health food stores as suggested.

I did find that things that are "low salt," like some breads simply cut the bread slices thinner. So that automatically reduced the salt "in a slice." Other things list serving sizes simply as 1/4 tsp so it becomes low salt again simply by reducing the size of a serving. This makes me crazy.

I bought several cook books. A lot of them require that you premake some seasoning or sauce for a particular recipe and they provide the recipe for in the book. That makes me crazy too. I'd like it better if they would just tell me something I can buy in the store to use. Cooking is taking up way too much of the day.

As our population gets older, I suppose there will be more of a demand for items to meet certain health needs, but in the meantime I'm trying to revise the recipes I do have to get the sodium down even more. I can't imagine ever going out to our favorite restaurants again and that makes me sad.

I do have two recipes that I make frequently...blueberries, onions, pork, vinegar, sherry with the only sodium in the pork. Also a chicken salad, chicken, apple, pecans, avocado, 1 TB mayo, and a lettuce leaf. Chicken is low in sodium and the amount and type of mayo used controls the amount of sodium.
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