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I can highly recommend a wonderful cookbook...it has become my bible.

" The No-Salt, Lowest-Sodium Cookbook" . Written by Donald A. Gazzaniga and endorsed by Dr. Michael Fowler who is the director of the Stanford Heart Transplant Program.

It covers what to look for in pre-packaged foods, where to purchase items like spices, and how to substituted other products. Very comprehensive book, extensive lists of sodium foods....many I was surprised to see. Who knew sodium is added to almost every item on the store shelves? Why???? (I know, sodium is a preservative, but in my iced tea?)

This book has the best recipes! I found a BBQ sauce that is better than my favorite "Sweet Baby Ray's"! And the spaghetti sauce was really good, after I tweaked the garlic and herb combo. I am working on making breads and I want to try making hamburger buns. I want to have a burger on the grill so bad! (97% lean, low sodium cheese, mmmmm!) Only once-in-a-while treat.

My husband's cardiologist looked over the book, then asked me where he could buy one or two copies to keep in his office.
My best friend got it for me on Amazon, not sure of the price....but well worth every penny.
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