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All this talk about making tuna salad makes me think about 2 times I had great tuna salad. Way, way, way 😄😄😄 back in college when a can of tuna was really cheap, we would just add mayo and cut up tomatoes. We didn't have refrigerators in our rooms in those days (not allowed) so we had to make and eat and the cut up tomatoes made the tuna go farther😄 And the night my son was born (2-14-1980 yes, Valentine's Day and also my,husband's birthday) the nurses brought me a tuna fish sandwich and a Coke and it was the best tasting sandwich ever! All this talk has got me thinking that maybe I need to get some tuna and make a good sandwich (I prefer toasted bread). I like pickle relish, not sure about the eggs. I've tried Duke's and just don't like the taste so I use Hellman's (same as Best Foods out west).

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