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Bleeding dyes happen for every color in the rainbow. I ALWAYS test the fabric I'm planning on using, by cutting a narrow strip (about 1/2" wide by 6" long) and placing it in a glass of hottest tap water available. If the water shows, for instance, a pink or reddish tone from a red fabric, I know I need to treat the fabric. I began using Ritz Laundry Treatment Dye Setter to set the red borders on a white whole cloth quilt (of course, before I cut the borders), and I tried everything with that red -- almost to the point of giving up on it. I did some searching online and found that product, I ordered some, used it, and I've never had a piece of fabric bleed after treating it with the Ritz Laundry Treatment Dye Setter. This product is used to set the dye in hand-dyed fabric. Due to having asthma, I prewash every piece of fabric that comes in this house. I have no financial interest of any kind in Ritz or any of its products. Reds are particularly bad, but I dared the red and white log cabin quilt (my avatar) and used this product to set the dyes on ALL of the reds. On that first white quilt with red borders -- I tried everything to stop the bleeding of the red dye -- I went through two gallons of vinegar, epsom salts, etc., including every "old wives' tale" or home remedy and this product is the only thing I tried that worked. I've never looked farther since I found this.
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