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This will be my fourth year to attend. I have signed up for four days of classes [I'm really excited about the teachers and techniques they're presenting.] and allowed myself three days for shopping and quilt viewing. I learned a couple of years ago to park my car at the end of a Metro line and take the train in. It's convenient and easier than trying to park downtown. There are many venues for food, some inside the convention center itself.

If you understand the old "kid in a candy store" saying, you will have an idea of the Houston festival. There is so much to look at and so much to see that some people are a bit overwhelmed. Do plan on wearing comfortable shoes, taking plenty of breaks, and make arrangements for carrying your purchases around. Taking a camera is a good idea, but be aware that there are some quilters who do not wish to have their work photographed.

Look closely at the website or class catalog to see what might interest you the most. Make a plan, but be flexible. If this is your first time, prepare to be amazed by all that you will see and do.
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