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A good friend and I will from time to time go to quilt shows together. Her husband often acts as our driver and he will bring along a snack and a good book to read, his passion, while he sips a cup of coffee in the "lounge" area of the show. All well and good. But she has done such a fine job at teaching him about her passion of sewing, quilting and designing that he is far more knowledgeable than many quilters!! He with ease carries on insightful conversations about techniques, new tools, machines, color, tone and pattern and type of fabric. He understands and respects her passion and loves to see her smile or stand in awe before a quilt. They have traveled to Lancaster, PA and in just a few weeks will be going to Paducah just to see the quilts and what ever they find of interest. He is a gem and they are a lovely couple of a mature age that enjoy each others joys and passions. He would never let her wander a show alone but if I am along, he reads, we talk quilts and the three of us have a lovely day together.

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