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I use Sulky Ultra Solvy Stabilizer. It's very thick. Since I make Easter Egg holders for my daughter's 5th grade class I am making three at a time and need it to stay together. I tried using metallic thread and was not so successful - but that was because the thread was breaking. And if a hole does develop I just stick a scrap piece on it from behind. I lick the edge and put it the area and no one ever knows because it all washes away.

Also, I keep all the scraps and stick them together until they are too little. Since I use a larger hoop, I cut out the items from the center and keep the edges, place a new smaller piece in the center by dampening the smaller piece and sticking it to the edges in the hoop.

I use so much of it I buy it on Amazon - the local shops charge about twice what it costs on Amazon. (We are prime members.)

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