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I just got my machine yesterday, so my needle should be sharp. I tried my first FSL design and my water soluble stabalizer keeps developing small holes that become large holes and the whole thing falls apart. One of my attempts I tried two sheets of stabalizer, but that didn't help. I slowed the stitch rate down to 400 spm (the slowest my machine goes). Any ideas? I am so frustrated.
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I haven't done much with FSL, but wondering what kind of stabilizer you are using. You should be using the type like mesh fabric, not those like thin plastic as they are not strong enough. Otherwise it may have something to do with the design itself, stitches too small. Just my thoughts. Hopefully someone more expert will have better advice.
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I use Sulky Ultra Solvy Stabilizer. It's very thick. Since I make Easter Egg holders for my daughter's 5th grade class I am making three at a time and need it to stay together. I tried using metallic thread and was not so successful - but that was because the thread was breaking. And if a hole does develop I just stick a scrap piece on it from behind. I lick the edge and put it the area and no one ever knows because it all washes away.

Also, I keep all the scraps and stick them together until they are too little. Since I use a larger hoop, I cut out the items from the center and keep the edges, place a new smaller piece in the center by dampening the smaller piece and sticking it to the edges in the hoop.

I use so much of it I buy it on Amazon - the local shops charge about twice what it costs on Amazon. (We are prime members.)

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I do a lot of FSL ornaments to support church quilting group. I use water soluble stabilizer, get it by the huge roll from ThreadArt. A roll usually lasts me a year or two even with all my mistakes.
Hang in there- it gets better and much more fun when you've figured out what works for you.
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Try changing the needle. New needles can be defective. It still may be the needle even if it is new
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I have made a fair amount of FSL using a water soluble that is somewhat thin. If the design is one that has a high thread count you can run into tearing quickly. This is where you do need a heavier stabilizer. Doubling doesn't work as you have found out. IT is worth the extra $$ to get a water soluble stabilizer that is a bit heavier.
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I did a lot of free standing lace snowflakes...they looked really pretty on the tree......I used OESD Aquamesh….not the plus....just the came on a roll....and was expensive.....but it worked really well and went a long way. I also used YLI softtouch cotton thread which is a finer cotton thread.....
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What is the stitch count on the design? What type and size of needle do you have in the machine now?

Some tips here that may help with the issue.

There are different weights of the WSS. I use a heavy weight one for FSL projects.

Can you post a picture of the mishap? Is it tearing around the edge of the design where the stitches are heavier?

Hang in there. Most of us have those mishaps too. It gets better.

Another one that may help.

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