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I have my pinwheels from 7 finished this morning, except for trimming. I still have four pinwheel sets to cut and sew, and four non pinwheel sets,but waiting on more raspberry. My flying geese ruler arrived, I went with the creative grids ultimate one because it can do multiple sizes of geese, and has the instructions for use printed on the ruler.

I have been so scared to trim down blocks this entire quilt and lose my little bit of wiggle room, but I am going to have to give up and just do it once we move into finished blocks instead of units. In my experience, trimming down units to exact size makes the final blocks a smidge too small. I am still trying to figure out how obsessively checking seam allowances to match unit size still gives me a block that is a sliver too big once I start joining them....but my piecing skills have improved so much this quilt.
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