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Originally Posted by quiltedsunshine View Post
Before I stitch a pantograph, I move the machine across like I'm quilting the quilt, but don't turn the machine on. Just follow the design with the machine all the way across. By the time I get all the way across, I've usually got it figured out pretty good.
I agree with this. Just started using pantos myself in the last few months and found it pretty easy to do. You may want to start with a fairly open panto, this will help hide any 'oops-I-got-off-track' slips.

I found it easy to download free pantos, I did a search for "quilting pantographs" and found several websites. Most of them have a "sort by price" feature so it's easy to find the free ones. Urban Elementz has some really pretty free ones. I like Anne Bright designs, but there is no way to sort by price, unfortunately. Not even sure if they have free ones, tbh.
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