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Welcome aboard. Remember to have fun and try not to scatter your energies too much. I am self taught, not from a family of quilters and I was so young when I started (senior in high school) that the little old quilting ladies (one of whom I now am!) rather intimidated me. Lucky for me though, I started at the very beginning of the use of advanced tools and so could learn along with the others.

It can be pretty over whelming and daunting to drop in at this point, but my advice is to work on that 1/4" seam allowance and those cutting skills. I also like to tell people to think of quilting as a physical activity because it is. It may not leave you sweaty (although some quilts posted here leave my breathless) but it is advanced hand/eye coordination and I know after a day of machine quilting that I am using muscles I don't usually use.

So for me, I try to do something textile every day even if I'm not actually quilting. Some days that's mostly picking out what I'm going to wear -- but at least it is a conscious decision.
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