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My name is Tammie and I'm pretty new to this scene. Over the last year I've bought a lot of quilting supplies, material, books, watched a lot of youtube videos, read a lot, took one quilting class that consisted of 4 sessions, two of which I missed due to an illness and a member there that had an suppressed immune system d/t CA. I did get a baby quilt top finished thanks to the instructor and a lot of help from some other members. I have several projects in the works, ...UFO's lol. I am overwhelmed with emails of different blogs that I've signed up to....I spend more time trying to sort through those rather than practicing 1/4" stitch, new blocks, etc., trying to weed through those and unsubscribe to the one's that aren't the right fit for me....I"m really not experienced and there are a lot of things there that I can be exposed to but don't think I need to do or even attempt to do yet... (still working on that perfect 1/4" stitch remember).

I'm also caring for an elderly gentleman 5 days a week, he's pretty sick, suppose to be 4 hours a day,..that gets very overwhelming as well. Leaves me exhausted most days. I worry about him. That's an understatement.

The first thing that I learned and remembered since starting last Feb. was "Measure twice, cut once" I've managed to cut myself twice, the second time ending with 7 stitches from the ER to my thumb. I had not heard about gloves I could wear while using the rotary cutter lol!
It's been a great beginning of a new journey I hope I get to travel a long while. I am happy I somehow in a search for something, came across this quilting board. I've never belonged to a board of any type and not sure how it works. So, I'll be the fly on the wall, watching, reading, and eventually chiming in...

Happy Stitchin' to ya'll
(in MA by way of TX)

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Welcome from Michigan!
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Waving hello from Maryland and happy quilting!
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Welcome from Ontario, Canada👋
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Welcome to the wonderful world of quilting! I know you will enjoy the process, even though it is sometimes frustrating, it is also very rewarding. Welcome from Southern Indiana!
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Welcome from Tennessee. Sounds like the quilting bug caught you hook, line and sinker. Enjoy it!!!
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"measure twice, cut once." Glad you weren't using a power saw..

Keep the smiles up Howdy from Kansas @ 2 degrees F.
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Welcome aboard. Remember to have fun and try not to scatter your energies too much. I am self taught, not from a family of quilters and I was so young when I started (senior in high school) that the little old quilting ladies (one of whom I now am!) rather intimidated me. Lucky for me though, I started at the very beginning of the use of advanced tools and so could learn along with the others.

It can be pretty over whelming and daunting to drop in at this point, but my advice is to work on that 1/4" seam allowance and those cutting skills. I also like to tell people to think of quilting as a physical activity because it is. It may not leave you sweaty (although some quilts posted here leave my breathless) but it is advanced hand/eye coordination and I know after a day of machine quilting that I am using muscles I don't usually use.

So for me, I try to do something textile every day even if I'm not actually quilting. Some days that's mostly picking out what I'm going to wear -- but at least it is a conscious decision.
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Welcome TAmmie for SE MIchigan! You will fit right in with the rest of us with more chores and work than time to actually stitch! You are already a member of the cutting club. I did 11 stitches in my right trigger finger years ago and even after measuring twice I still manage to cut wrong! One of the things I do find my self doing is posting for a while then stopping and making that time for quilting. None of this, at least for me, would be of value if I weren't stopping to quilt. Right this moment there is nothing on my studio floor that I am working on only because I picked things up because of company coming over the other day. Today is the plan to lay out a top and sandwich it and get it ready for quilting!! This is the exciting part.
Welcome to the QB and jump right in. There is usually someone that can answer questions or guide you in the right direction. There are also loads of fun projects to join into.
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Howdy from Texas! This board is full of helpful quilters of all skill levels. Just ask away when a question pops up in your mind & someone here will try to help you. Also, we are a very encouraging bunch & will give you support when you don't even realize you need it. If you don't have a 1/4" foot for your machine, I would like to suggest that you get one. Mine really does help me with keeping a consistent seam. Even if the seam is not exactly 1/4", if you keep the same size seam throughout your quilt all the seams will match up.
Have fun with your new found hobby. We love pictures here & would like to see that baby quilt.
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