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Coffee break -- ok, good thing I cut large (don't quite remember if I actually cut 2 or 2.5") because I'm using the full cut when I include my half-inch seam allowance. I have one side on and my inner border is coming out right about 1.5" while others are saying 1" is pretty sweet. I must have been sewing scant the days I did those border units. I am still having to squish in the neutral/sashing areas a bit but the star point setting triangles are behaving nicely.

All the inner borders are pieced, all the pointy ends are on the sawtooths. Don't know if I really like the corners but they are going as they are. So I have the three more sides to connect to inner borders, I can get that done today but good thing I still have tomorrow available and no real deadline because I think those other three sides aren't going on today but maybe I will get motivated/my back will hold out. Right now it is a well deserved break.

And I'm ready for the game on Saturday, we went out last night and got some Dragon team t-shirts, colors are mostly green and orange, have a safety orange knit hat I'll wear and call it good.
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