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My hubby is also in the "very busy" category but he tries to be very diplomatic. "Grats on the finish honey, it took a long time and it's not your style but good for you".

Three of the four sides of borders went on smoothly and easy -- the fourth however was a bit of a beast. I have no problems at all drawing my seam lines when/where I need to (and mitered corners is one of those things) which was very important for me with my half inch seams.

Speaking of things important for me, I decided that I would piece the inner border with random lengths of my new Parakeet and I decided that all the mitered edges had to go the same way. Doesn't matter really except that I decided it did.

So here at last is South Seattle Frolic, completed top version The corner shot shows that fun Southwest (very southwest of Seattle) print I'm using for the back.

Thanks all for sharing this journey with me. I appreciate the company and commiserations more than you know. My Tuesday group just laughs at me.

edit: lol in the corner of the full shot is a strange set of items, a big rubber ducky and a dust mop. My son's grandmother gave him an Easter basket one year which was the duck. Now it's our way to shut the door from bed, or since the hubby goes to bed so early he shuts it most of the way to block any light but open enough for the pets to come in and out.
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