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I went ahead and cut one block. If I decide to back out at this point (which I don't think I will do) and make a lap quilt out of my blocks, well -- I still have enough in that huge pile of scraps to make another block.

First shot is my initial thought and would have been better if I had just kept them at half blocks, but I wanted the chance to change out some blocks on the top, so here they are sliced.

Second shot is the stepped approach, whole blocks edged with sliced blocks. Again, both of these concepts would be a diagonal bar across the back of the quilt. I had 9 and still have 8 blocks which I could just butt next to each other and place down the center of the back, that would give enough extra width for quilting.

Edit: In the slice shot, that bottom is one of the light green/yellow combinations that gave me fits. The next shot has a really visible Funky Monkey goose unit in the first whole block. Unfortunately there is no diagonal for me to slice it away... Such are the reasons the blocks ended up on the back. Actually, there are only 3 what I considered bad, 3 were acceptable, and 3 were perfectly fine. And I did still end up with some of those Monkeys on the top...
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