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It's so hard to explain things well, Carol... if I was more technically advanced I could shoot a video or at least take screenshots... now there's an idea! Let's see if this helps --

First off, I use firefox and have a bunch of protection stuff on my system, it probably does not look like yours, but they all have the same features.

Picture one shows my reduced screens, quilting board is the first tab, the reduction is the second. My file manager which in my setup of windows is the File Folder icon on the bottom next to the search bar, I click that to get it to be where I want it. Because I shaped and moved it before and because I have my system set to default when I do stuff like that, it is always that way.

I drag the picture from my file manager into the box on Reduce Image site, then I maximize the screen and follow their prompts and defaults to reduce the image and download it to my system.

Picture 2: After typing my post in Fast Reply I hit go advanced and find the manage attachments section.

Picture 3: This shows the defaulted attachment screen, I have to CTRL click to get there but I think that's just one of my lockdowns.

I click into the folder to find the Download directory up near the top as one of the default search locations and select the file.

Picture 4: You have to stretch that out to get to the upload button.
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