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Default Question about an idea

So, I have a thought of a quilt pattern I would like to try and if I could find a pattern I would like to use it but I don't know if anyone has ever done one like this. So basically it will be a Dresden plate with multiple layers of petals. I've looked at dahlia quilt patterns and that's not quite right. So here's some dimensions: the center circle is going to be 24 inches across and the petals will all be 6 inches long with 6 rows of petals. There will not be a background as the entire quilt top will be 96 inches across and be a circle. I've thought of 2 ways to do this quilt. The first way is that each row will have the same amount of petals but the petals will get bigger with each row. The second way was to keep the petals all the same size but to had more petals to each row. Each way has problems that will have to be overcome. Any thoughts?
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