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I'll have to look a bit for it, but there are many fun "dimensional" quilts, and I have a book from the 70s that has similar concepts there were a lot of "folded" designs. Or what passed for a book back then, basically a specialty magazine sort of thing. That would be the key search term I think for you, "dimensional", 3D might help. Dahlia techniques go back even earlier, starting around the 30s.

I'm a big believer in going for it, but making a few tests from scraps first before committing myself. I think I'd look at increasing the petal size around each ring myself, and I'd be looking maybe more at overlap so probably would piece in dimensional Prairie Points for the petal tips or something like that.

But the fun thing is it is your quilt and your vision.

edit: sometimes I use origami techniques, this is dealing with paper but might give you some further concepts to consider!
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