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Hello all, participants already know I have signed up for this, my first actual round robin although I've participated in other forms of block swaps before. Although I have sent some fabric out to people on the boards, this will be my first swapping with board members. I did a lot of swapping things around Y2K and then met my husband, and while I continued quilting in real life, I just returned to internet quilting a couple of years ago.

I was the number 1 wait listed participant for a really fun group in my local guild that I watched for about 8 years but ultimately everyone retired before anyone quit. Darn. Another guild show I went to each year (sigh... Covington Quilters also cancelled this year due to Covid) always had a good "bed turning" at the show with a round robin group that had a lot great tops.

I'm really excited because I will end up with a top that I would never otherwise make and I'll be pushed a bit to explore styles and fabrics that maybe I don't use very often.
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